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Not Your Little Lady

Welcome to Not Your Little Lady. Listen and enjoy our podcast that features women living outside of the South's socially accepted norms.

Sep 15, 2021

Y'all may have seen this episode's guest on a LinkedIn post that went viral or on Instagram. The guest is Ryann Mason, a nurse and the 2020/2021 Ms. Wheelchair Virginia. She's on to talk to us about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, her role as beauty queen, her transition to using a wheelchair and disability activism in the South.

The Things that Pissed Us Off are those who won't let you repeat a story and construction making a place of work inaccessible. 

The Who's that Lady (from History)? is Kitty Cone, a disability rights activist.


- National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities.  

- United Spinal Association

- Americans with Disabilities Act

- Chronically_Ry

- Chronically_Ry on YouTube