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Not Your Little Lady

Welcome to Not Your Little Lady. Listen and enjoy our podcast that features women living outside of the South's socially accepted norms.

Mar 20, 2019

The older you get the harder it is to find and maintain friendships. That’s why for this episode Dr. Alysa Lucas, an Assistant Professor at Central Michigan interested in interpersonal and relational communication, comes on to talk about how the average age of marriage impacts friendships in the American South.

She also talks about how to form new friendships while maintaining ones with friends who have started families. 

This episode’s Listen Here is our guest Alysa’s podcasts: Fatal-i-teas and Best Forevers Pod.

*Listeners, thank you for supporting this podcast. Due to life you’ll notice that the Who’s that lady (from history)? and the Things That Pissed Us Off sections are missing. They’ll return next episode! In the meantime, if you have a lady from history you’d like to have featured send me an email at